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Tunnel Light TWL-LED (Solid State Lighting)

Housing Enclosure:

Housing Enclosure: Extruded, Low Copper, corrosion resistant Aluminum alloy 6063-T5 and clear anodized, Class 1, Type II per specification AA-M10-C12-A41

Physical Size:

Available Luminaire suitable for three lengths, 24”, 48” and 60”. The typical cross section of the luminaire shall be 8.875” x 6.00”

Lamp Choices:

100 - 105 Lumens/Watt. Minimum 6785 lumens to Maximum 39,449 lumens.

For 24” long Luminaire - Delivered lumens from 6875 to 7850 lumens

For 48” log Luminaire - Delivered lumen from 135,70 to 31,559 lumens.

For 60” long Luminaire - Delivered lumens from 16,963 to 39,449lumens

Optical Choices

Optical distributions choices suitable for Threshold, Transition, Interior and Exit zones for for narrow, medium and wide tunnels for optimum performance - maximum luminance, minimum Veiling glare Luminance and ultimate uniformity using fewest luminaires.

Available Counter-Beam or Pro-Beam optics without requiring any external shieling.

Modular optical assemblies are designed to align precisely optical axis and optical center with Lamp light center with lamp support for consistent optical performance for the all luminaires.