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RF35 Series


  • Housing is die-cast aluminum, heavy duty, structurally rigid and vibration resistant. Housing is finished charcoal gray using polyester powder coat. Other optional finishes are available.
  • Lens Door Assembly is minimum 1/8” thick tempered glass lens, thermal and impact resistant, sealed with doorframe and housing using extruded, memory retentive silicone gasket. The doorframe is die-cast aluminum.
  • Heatsink is black anodized made of thick aluminum with maximum contact with die die-cast housing for efficient heat dissipation and cooler operation for the LED Module for the long life operation.
  • Base housing is die-cast aluminum. It is an enclosure for the electrical components. Housing/lens door assembly is separated by a shaft.

Optical system

  • Optical systemis designed to use with North Star SSLTM AlphaLEDTM modules at 90% optical efficiency.
  • ALXPG12 module (White or Single Color): Narrow spot 11° beam (N11) or medium flood with 26. beam (M26) or wide 46° beam (W46) or elliptical 38 x 21 horizontal beam (EH) or elliptical 21 x 38 horizontal beam (EV).
  • ALXPE24 module (Color Mixing): Narrow spot 16° beam (N16) or medium flood with 24° beam (M24) or wide 40° beam (W40) or elliptical 48 x 18 horizontal beam (EH) or elliptical 18 x 48 horizontal beam (EV).